Interior & Architectural Photography offered by Navid Sohi

Toronto based photographer Navid Sohi offers photography of interiors, architecture, hotels, resorts and other built spaces to provide the most compelling tool to any marketing campaign.  His photos and videos create a unique story of each project that inspires people to share these stories.

The scope of his photography and motion media includes architectural, interior design photography, aerial drone production, commercial, educational, health and public spaces photography. Navid has completed assignments ranging from luxury hotels, residential and commercial interiors, resorts, product and furniture in the past 14 years for top architecture and interior design firms, developer, builders and marketing directors. He uses natural light, off-camera lighting and latest technology to produce well-crafted images for editorial and advertising purposes bringing quality and customer satisfaction to every project.  Navid’s background in interior design and visual studies allows him to thoughtfully represent the creative vision of architects and designers in excellent imagery.

Navid’s vast experience, thoughtful balance of context, attention to detail and striking composition allows his clients and him to interact closely about the project, leading to create a visually inspiring story for the assignments.

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2017 Interior Architectural Photography by Navid
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We use the latest digital technology to allow our clients to be more involved in the process of producing the images by providing live preview of the frame from the camera. With this format of photography we can create images of up to 100 megapixel to have enough resolution for … Read More

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